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Start-Up Flat Graphic | Social Media Video Content for Start-Ups

Not Getting Traction on Social Media?

Start-ups are facing more competition than ever before. Even with a unique business idea, capturing the attention of potential customers may seem like a hopeless task. You’ve set up a website, posted daily on social media, frantically wrote blogs and made a couple of sales. But then your leads started to dry up. People stop buying your products. You stop getting new clients.

Here’s what your missing: awesome video content.

Start-Up Flat Graphic | Social Media Video Content for Start-Ups

The reason you’re not getting traction on social media is because your posts aren’t connecting with viewers. Millions of posts are made every day… you’re not going to stand out from the crowd with DIY text and images. The reason your site isn’t converting viewers is because they’re not emotionally engaged with your brand. When your page just has a couple of images and some text, how can you blame them?

The future of marketing lies with video. It is no longer just an optional aspect of your advertising and sales. It’s central to your outreach and digital marketing strategy. Embracing video will take your business where blogs, text and photo posts simply can’t.

Business Investment | Social Media Video Content for Start-Ups
Business Investment | Social Media Video Content for Start-Ups
YouTube Flat Graphic | Social Media Video Content for Start-Ups

They’ll improve engagement on social media, increase website conversions and build brand loyalty. In the words of internationally renowned Facebook marketer Mari Smith: “You will get much, much more organic reach on your Facebook business page posts if you favour video over all other types of content”.

This means if you’re not creating video, you’re falling behind. Meanwhile, other businesses just like yours are using the power of visual content to attract, convert and retain new customers – and seeing hugely successful results.

YouTube Flat Graphic | Social Media Video Content for Start-Ups

Engage Your Audience with an Affordable, High-Impact Video

But creating great video content can be expensive. You probably don’t have the equipment, time or funds to take the “traditional” route to video marketing, which involves: writing a script, developing a story board, hiring actors, planning shoot dates, paying for a film crew, editing and adding graphics.

That’s a lot of cost and hassle. As a start-up, this just isn’t feasible. Your needs are uniquely challenging because you don’t always have the resources to stand out, yet you need to differentiate yourself.

Social Media Flat Graphic | Social Media Video Content for Start-Ups
Social Media Flat Graphic | Social Media Video Content for Start-Ups
Teamwork | Social Media Video Content for Start-Ups

Fortunately, Kontent King can provide you with a short, affordable and sales-focused promotional video. Our fast-paced and vibrant content can tell your story and fast-forward your growth, without the hefty price tag.

We specialise in working with start-ups because we understand how to create an emotional connection with your audience – this is the best way to stand out in a crowded market, increase traffic and drive word-of-mouth referrals. Our number one goal is authenticity: we want to communicate your brand values from your perspective.

Our videos come at a fixed-cost, meaning that there are no surprises with outrageous quotes or hourly-rate budget-blowouts. We charge the same price for every video. This means that you have absolute certainty about how much the project will cost you.

Teamwork | Social Media Video Content for Start-Ups

Our Video Style is Perfect For...

Product Launch

As a start-up, you need to make a big impact when you launch a new product. There are so many businesses out there that already, so it’ll take something special to your market's attention. Whether on your website, social media or crowdfunding page, a unique launch video will bring your product to life. Our bright and fast-paced style has the power to educate and persuade your audience to take action.

Event Promo

Your number one goal whilst planning an event should be to fill it with attendees! But it’s harder than it seems to attract people: it’s a big time commitment that they could dedicate to other activities. Our fast-paced videos will create excitement and hype around your event, motivating people to buy a ticket and come along. In fact, a video is the best way to show people the kind of experience you will provide.

Brand Story

Do you want your market to connect emotionally with your brand? Video is an incredibly powerful storytelling device. The combination of text and images allows your audience to absorb information quickly and with ease. Our content will help grab the attention of your target audience and convert more viewers into buyers. This will help you drive traffic, increase sales and raise brand awareness!

Past Projects

Take a look at the videos we've created for other start-ups! Our team has worked with a diverse range of founders, ranging from tech and SAAS to corporate to digital marketplaces. See some of our favourite projects below. We can create content JUST LIKE THIS for you too.

The Facts & Data

A short video on your landing page can increase conversion rates by 86%

Video content is 53x more likely to achieve a page-one Google ranking

A positive video experience can increase brand association by 139%

Video content outperforms photos on Facebook by 73%

80% of users can recall a video ad they watched in the last 30 days

Video increases the time spent on websites by 2 minutes on average


15-second video

Get a custom 15-second video for your business. You send us your logo and any key information. We'll handle the footage, music and editing!



30-second video

Get a custom 30-second video for your business. You send us your logo and any key information. We'll handle the footage, music and editing!



60-second video

Get a custom 60-second video for your business. You send us your logo and any key information. We'll handle the footage, music and editing!


Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that it’s vital for your video to represent your unique business. This is why we carry out a consultation process where you specify your brand identity, colour scheme, target audience and key information.

We’ll also use your logo and any video or images you can provide of your product, service or event. For example, you could send us some screenshots of your app interface, videos of your product being used or photos of speakers at your event.

Then our editors will fill in the rest of the video with relevant stock footage and graphics that closely align with your start-up.

Don’t worry: we hate generic, boring stock footage too! The last thing you want is a dull video of plain-faced people in a standard setting.

Fortunately, we’ve cracked the code to finding unique, interesting and bold stock footage. This is because we have access to a range of online platforms AND our own collection of footage, shot by our in-house team. This gives us an edge over other video production services.

Take a look at our past projects and you’ll see that our videos very closely align with the identity and values of the start-up!

We know you want the content ASAP, which is why we will have it to you within 7 days after confirming your order.

Our prices are low because we use a library of over 10,000 pre-made video elements to edit together your custom video. This means that we don’t need to start from scratch every time we start a new project. Rather, we piece together our collection of footage, music and graphics to tailor a bespoke video for your business.

Yep! Our pricing includes a royalty-free right to use the footage, graphics and music for commercial purposes. This means that you can distribute the video wherever and whenever you want!

If you want bespoke footage of your product included in the video, we can organise a shoot with one of the photographers or videographers on our team – just ask us!

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